E-Commerce and Retail

Every online business operation in India that sells a product or service on the Internet should take a proactive approach and operate within the legal and regulatory framework laid out by the government with respect to electronic commerce/online retail business.

We at Lexlabs approach the full spectrum of compliance issues related to digital retail transactions in a holistic way, tracking new legislation and lawsuits across the country to help integrate our clients’ business objectives with current legal requirements.

This is how the our firm ensures that our client is conversant and successful at managing their customer and transaction data and are compliant with all the rules and regulation with respect to their online business operations in India so that they aren’t in breach with any legal compliance which may lead to any dispute with their end consumer or any other third party they are associated with.

The firm has years of cutting-edge experience with respect to protection of :

• Intellectual Property Assets
• Consumer Privacy
• Data Security
• Online Marketing

The firm is further known for its drafting, advising and negotiating expertise with respect to internet website agreements, including, but not limited to :

• Click-Wrap and Web-Wrap Agreements
• Terms of use
• Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Agreements
• Software Licenses
• Privacy Policies and Web-Hosting Agreements
• Software Development
• Service Provider Agreements

There is no substitute for experience and innovative legal solution tailored according to the clients’ business requirements and Lexlabs is the go-to firm for minimizing exposure and maximizing the growth and vitality of your online business.