General Corporate Commercial

Lexlabs has been recognised for their corporate and commercial practices in India. Our lawyers advise clients on a broad spectrum of corporate and commercial business affairs and work towards finding viable and innovative solutions tailored as per the client’s business objective and requirements.

We strongly believe that our innovative deal-oriented approach in relation to our clients’ needs stem out of the expertise our corporate team possess in understanding and interpreting India’s complex regulatory environment and thereby make a strategized solution to tackle the complexities of the issue with minimal execution risk along with anticipating other potential risks and issues.

We, at Lexlabs, ensure that our client is compliant with the strict legal and regulatory control regime in India which might impact the business our clients are engaged in and assist them through all stages of the business life cycle including

  • formation of legal entities in India and overseas,
  • choosing and establishing the appropriate business entity,
  • corporate transactional matters,
  • commercial contracts and documentation,
  • securing venture capital/ private equity funding,
  • exploring opportunities for inorganic growth,
  • advising on business and operational restructuring,
  • working through dissolution and other exit strategies
  • opening dialogue with government authorities and sector specific regulators and contribute to the development of new policies and regulations.

Our clients have appreciated the firm for its effective innovative solutions and multidimensional approach which has in turn helped the firm build a successful and healthy relationship with its clients.