Lexlabs has built a strong experience in the field of technology and data privacy laws and is a ISO 27001 certified law firm.

We assist our clients by addressing their legal concerns related to Indian Information Technology Laws, Data Protection, Technology Transfer, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, E-Commerce, IP Protection etc.

Lexlabs routinely carries out innovative research into the potential impact of the applicable technology and data privacy regulations both on Indian and foreign businesses.

We offer our clients services pertaining to: Technology Transactions: Our team is proficient in drafting a wide array of technology contracts such as software licensing, website development, cloud services including the SaaS/PaaS/IaaS methods of software delivery, resale and distribution of technology products, shrink wrap and click-wrap contracts, and other general agreements across the sector.

Data Privacy: Our team is equipped to provide support on compliance protocols with respect to software licenses undertaken from a third party for development of proprietary software products; legal issues relating to internet risk management and cyber-crimes and; training the clients’ employees to understand the legal implications of data privacy and corporate compliance policies.

Confidentiality: Our team assists the clients with strategies for non-disclosure, establishing transactional safeguards to ensure confidentiality of sensitive data in contracts and putting requisite enforcement measures in place to protect the clients in the event of any violation of their confidential information.